Meet our team

Accountifi offers an array of services to help your organziation run at Full Power. We provide accounting, credit and collections,  payroll,  HR, A/R and A/P, controllership and CFO services. Small businesses don't typically have all these resources under one roof but together they help the company execute the business strategy at a higher level.

We have a committement to top quality work. We only select competent and knowledgable individuals to work on your books. We know GAAP and make sure that your books and records reflect the highest possible level for quality control.

Chris Yaren, CPA, CMA, CFO


Chris has spent the last 16 years working to helping businesses be more successful. In 2014 he wondered if small business owners have access to all the accounting and finance resources they need to be successful. Could an entrepreneur hire a CFO, a business analyst and an accountant and be successful? He suspected that if that was true, the company wasn't all that small. So he founded Accountifi, your Accounting and Finance Department.