Our Purpose

We are here to help small business owners more successful, stay in business longer, reduce stress and avoid preventable mistakes. We help by offering a financial management package that sets the foundation for organizational success: a clear statement of purpose, regular business planning, forecasting and analysis, regular, accurate and timely financial reporting.

Success is measured by how well our people fulfil the company’s purpose and not on how many clients we server or how many employees we have. Every day actions matter and are significant to creating the kind of impact that is possible.

Our vision of the future is businesses are doing more with less effort because of effective financial management. Each small business has a forecast, regularly reviews the numbers, makes decisions by incorporating the financial side and creates a regular process for reviewing their systems and growth.  

Mission 1: Accurate and Timely Information

Time is of the essence. A payment error needs to be fixed right away. Details of past transactions grow foggier by the minute. We are here to provide real-time accounting support.

Mission 2: Numbers that Management Uses

The best numbers are those which someone uses. The financial statements are a tool for manager to use to understand if the organization is healthy and fulfilling its plans.

Mission 3: Plan Do Check Act

When is that last time that Fire-Aim-Ready worked out? Planning sets the boundaries and creates a framework for everyone to work within. We help with planning out the financial health of the company.  We also take a systematic look at the parts of the business that influence the numbers and make sure that the business is constantly making incremental improvements.

Mission 4: Better Decisions come from Better Processes

The financial impact needs to be considered in each decision. It is never the only one and usually not the most important factor, but without considering it, the business is put at risk. We provide an easy way for business owners to ask questions about the business and get us to analyze it where needed.

Mission 5: Clarifying the Purpose

Clarity is liberating. We think that planning – not plans – creates value. We help organizations straighten the direction so that everyone can focus on pushing in the same direction.

Mission 6: Funding the Organization

Without capital nothing is possible. We help you manage working capital through your growth phase and we also help you access capital as your business moves to the next level.

To your success!

Chris Yaren, CPA, CMA,

Founder, Accountifi, Inc.