Selected Services

We help in six core areas of the business

The History Books

Financial Reporting

  • Start up If you are just starting out, let us set up the accounting
  • Catch up If it's been a while, we can help you get your accounting done
  • Clean up  If you think something isn't right we can straighten it out
  • Ramp up If you need to move things to the next level, we can help you get there

Planning for the future


  • Business Plans forecast the financials under different scenarios
  • Investors communicate the path forward for you and your investors
  • Banks understand when you will need more funding

Fund your mission

We Speak Banker

  • Create the Presentation craft the presentation so that the banker clearly understands the busines and the financials
  • Find interest find lenders who want to do business and help you select the one who will be right for your business
  • Be by your side present the plan so when you go into the meeting the Banker already has the key questions answered
  • Help you decide choosing a single offer is sometimes harder than it sounds
  • Maintain relationships getting the deal done is just the first of many interactions your business will have with the lender 

Corporate Planning

Setting Direction

  • Mission and Vision - Understand what the terms mean, why thinking about them is important, and find the right words to describe your business 
  • Strategic Analysis Collect and analyze industry and market information in order to help you make the best decision
  • Communication - Craft the plan to roll out the direction to your key stakeholders - your staff, board, shareholders and lenders.

Insights and Analysis

What story of your business?

  • Gross Margin Analysis
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Recency-Frequency-Monetary (RFM) Analysis
  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) Analysis
  • Product Adoption Analysis
  • Marketing Return on Investment (mROI)
  • Pareto Analysis

People and Processes

The Core of the Organization

  • Payroll have full-cycle payroll department
  • Job Descriptions jobs aligned with what the business needs to achieve the mission and people understand what is expected of them
  •  Performance ensure you measure outcomes and give timely and relevant feedback to employees